abstract apperceptions

it has occured to me that all of my recent postings have been so rhetorical and pointed in their subject matter (e.g. i went here; i experienced this; i felt this at this time in the spot in history; blah blah blah) and most blogs are just supposed to be about some guy who ticked you off in traffic or about some new gadget that you bought. it's been too long since i just wrote something about day to day life. so here it is:

  • today was hard because i hurt my back last weekend and i haven't been to the gym in a week. this was good in the sense that i got a lot of rest and recovery, but bad because i broke routine. i upped a lot of my weights and did my full hour of cardio today, but by the end of the workout, i could barely walk. on top of that, i got home from work at around 6:30, washed up, changed, had a coffee and wasn't in the gym until 7:30. i worked out for two hours, came home, washed up some more, had a shake, some food, called my parents, and now, it's freaking 11:00pm! six more months of this? i just don't know if i will make it!!
  • i'm totally falling down on this "make art a (big) part of my life (again) resolution. so far this year, i've only had time and inclination to produce a t-shirt design for imason, and even that i am a little disappointed with, although it's not bad. a friend of mine back home sent me a photo of a painting that she did recently and it blew me away – it was utterly fantastic. she has always been a spectacular artist and a visionary, but i had no idea her skills were so far along! i really need to get on this. this weekend, i should get that easel and set it up in the bedroom and lock out the pesky cats.
  • speaking of the cats – hans has a new trick. he has always liked to come and curl up between my arms on my desk as i type on the keyboard. his new twist on this hinderance of me though is to now grab at one or both of my hands and smash his face into it – thrusting my fingers into all the wrong keys. surprisingly, he is not doing it now – probably because i'm not doing any time-critical work. good job, hans. gretel continues with her traditional sashays in front of my face, sweeping her tail and her ass into my eyes and mouth… crap – i spoke too soon, here is hans now to practice his face-into-finger-smooshing.
  • i know the gym is a place of suffering and sweat, but the odours in my gym are simply nasty. i was running on the treadmill next to this poor guy, and i don't know if it was his breath, or maybe he is a dentist or something, but the air from his direction smelled like rotten teeth. 25 minutes he was walking on the treadmill next to me while i was running and 25 minutes i was breathing this noxious gas that made me want to retch. i probably smell like public toilet by the end of my day also, but come on!
  • i like that my friends are starting blogs of their own. being far away from many friends, it's so nice to see what they are up to and what they are thinking about – it saves me having to call them (which is clearly terrible of me)! seriously though, the other benefit is that some of them have links to my site – and i don't know if it's that or the fact that i have like schfifty-five more pictures on my home page than i used to, but i seem to be getting way more hits on my website than i did before the holiday! it's niiiice!
  • there was one more thing… but i can't remember what it was… hans, do you remember what i was thinking about? crap – it's gone. ok – i will take a break and see if i remember (ah the joys of asynchronous communication) – oh – i remember! my boss at work (the one with the sharp glasses) sent me an email today asking why my emails to the company have been alarmingly brief and devoid of parenthetical asides (my favourite literary device). i replied to him that i didn't want to give the impression to everyone that i spent my entire day sending emails to the amuse discussion group rather than working at my client's tasks (which is fairly true). i told him that he could get his fill of asides at my site – which he expressed a lack of interest in doing. i forgot to reply that his was probably the wisest course of action

well, that was fun. now it is late, and although my dinner is no where near digested, i'm bagged and will go to bed. thank you all (five of you who i envision are reading this) for visiting!!

– g