adventure #19 – imason island luau

transporting our crap across lake ontario
alex and pup entertain the kids
i was clearly intimidated by the level of soccer play
bbqing with the homies
world's shortest tug of war
bell boys show how the game is played
back in may or june, my friend dar started planning an “uno de juno” party for her company, and i thought that i was such a fun idea, i proposed having one here in toronto at imason!  it took almost two and half months to plan and schedule, and we completely missed the first of june date, but at last, our first big company summer picnic became a reality.

my day started last saturday, waking up at 8am after the first date i’d had the night before in oakville.  i was supremely tired for no good reason, but i managed to get myself fed and watered and to the office by 9am to start the insane preparations for transporting our imason island luau to toronto island where the gathering was to be held.

the first problem was getting the food.  we had a large delivery of supplies brought to the office the week of the event, but we still had to get hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, drinks and ice for the 40-50 people we were expecting to host at the event.  across the street from our office is a major hot-dog cart vendor supply shop where we were able to get supplies.  now, purchasing $250 of barbeque stuff is one thing – transporting it is completely another.  we stocked five huge bins and two coolers and assorted flats of pop into two cars along with five people and one little dog and made our way to the ferry.  by the time we reached the site for the day around 11am, we were already fairly exhausted and i for one had sweat about a litre of water.

but once we got into it, it was a great time… there was barbequeing (which my boss scott and i mostly managed with no reported cases of food poisoning), kiddie-face-painting, frolicking in the splash pad, and frisbee/football/soccer shenanigans throughout the afternoon.

for my own part, i had one thing that i was supposed to provide for the day and only one thing (other than my lifting ability of many of the 80lbs bins) – a tug of war rope.  so days before the event, i went to value village and bought $25 worth of used (but seemingly clean – to the naked eye) bedsheets that i then braided into a 40’ rope.  i pulled and pulled on the rope on my balcony, and in spite of knowing that there were some weak areas where the braiding became confused, i felt pretty confident that the rope could support an antique grand piano, or at least my own descent from my apartment balcony, if i lived on a lower floor.  when we had all had a few burgers and hot dogs, and were ready for a big group activity, 10 or 12 of us got on our ends of the rope, and started the epic war of our side against their side.  the tug of war lasted for about three seconds when the rope suddenly tore in half at the middle from the cosmic forces straining it to its meager limits.  what an incredible disappointment!!!  at least we all had a good laugh at the result, and the group failed to find concensus to create a noose out of the remaining length of rope to hang me.

– g

ps. the luau also saw my first and only soccer game for this decade. i’ve decided to leave the team sports to the beckhams and … well whoevers… out there and will stick to my solipsistic running/cycling/swimming, thanks very much!!!

adventure cost:
covered by the company – they are THE BEST!!!