adventure #24 – nuit blanche & run for the cure

nuit blanche
fight club-esque signage
the hit of the show
me and a whole lot of other people
the best new thing
i’m making a new resolution to make my blog entries a little more concise.  i’ve recently encountered long expositions that were really laborious and i don’t want to fall into the same trap.  we’ll see how it goes.

this weekend was fairly mad.  i took in nuit blanche this year, which is a festival that originated in paris, and has grown in popularity throughout europe and has spread to toronto last year.  i missed it last year, so i resolved not to miss it two years in a row.  it’s an all-night festival running from 7pm saturday evening to 7am sunday morning in arts districts to promote interest in local arts and galleries, and more than anything else, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy your home city and share in a truly social event in a safe and exciting environment.  there were many exciting public exhibits and the entire event was free thanks to corporate sponsorship by the scotiabank.  my favourite exhibit was a space that had a projection on its exterior windows that made it look like the entire interior of the building was being filled with water.  chairs and tables were slowly floated to the ceiling, and the effect was incredibly convincing (from across the street), until later on in the presentation, gigantic lobsters and goldfish were seen swimming into the scene turning a fabulous trompe l’oeil into a ridiculously enjoyable aquarium screen saver.  i had to end the evening early (1am) though because…

sunday, i did my first run in toronto, a 5km run for the cibc run for the cure.  this summer has been so busy that i haven’t had much time (or willpower?) to keep up my training, so i was pretty worried about how i would hold up for the duration of the run.  so i was all nerves and excitement when i arrived an hour early for the race.  i hadn’t picked up my race kit or registration or t-shirt, so i had all that to do before i could hang out with my running mates.  in fact, i wrapped all the administrative stuff with only 5 minutes until race start.  i then had to wend my way through about 25,000 other participants to the starting line.  at 10am, the race started, but everyone was creeping along the track, and i finally realized that i had lodged myself in with the walking group – so i had to push and shove my way past strollers, dogs, elderly people and people in motorized chairs until i got out into the back of the running pack.  i double-timed it as much as i could through the runners, and finally managed to catch up to some of my running mates.  but by then it was the last kilometer, and i had to pour it on (because that’s what you’re supposed to do).  the clock said that i came in at 32:31, but i’m pretty sure that if i had been where i was supposed to be, my time would have improved by at least six minutes, so i feel pretty pleased.

my team went for brunch nearby at eggspectations, which is hopelessly close to the apple store in eaton centre.  i’d been itching to go there to “examine” the new iPod Touch, so that i could see how i really didn’t need to get one, and move on with my life.  i went in and played with it for a couple of minutes, gliding the interface around elegantly with the swipe or a pat of a fingertip, and i thought to myself, “yeah, that’s pretty cool…”  i was extremely proud of myself for walking out of the store and convincing (conning) myself that i didn’t need to look at it again.  i walked towards the subway station for about 35 seconds and then headed straight back to the store and bought the maxed-out 16GB version with a heady and delicious mixture of joy and guilt!!  all the way home, it was all i could do to keep from tearing the box open and stroking its glossy surfaces!  but then, once i got home, i discovered that over the course of the afternoon, i had somehow LOST my former iPod, my much beloved iPod nano.  it had been my running partner and iPod of choice for almost two years, and a gift from someone dear, and it bruised me dearly to realize that it was gone.  even the thrill of the new iPod couldn’t assuage my pain at having lost so precious a device.  now it has to be replaced (so that i can continue to use the iPod+nike sport kit) unless you are the person who has found my nano and have looked through the contacts list to see who i am.  please return my nano – there’s a reward in it for you – maybe a new iPod nano.  what do you say?

– g

adventure cost:
pledges raised for breast cancer research: $165.00
brunch at eggspectations: $17.00
iPod Touch (16G) (with tax): $511.86