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Pendragon Comics - February 2014


after living in my new neighbourhood for almost a full year, and in spite of the tablet-revolution that has become the preferred method for distributing and consuming digital comics, this weekend i signed up for a comic book file at my local comic book store.  the store is Pendragon Comics, a whimsical if somewhat ramshackle store at the western end of Lakeshore Boulevard here in west Toronto.  the experience reinforced many of the beliefs that i already held about why some traditional models of retail and communication are better, and some are not. Continue reading

Midge Ure and me


last week, i got to meet one of my idols, and it got me thinking that i’ve been rather fortunate in my life to have met a lot of the people about whom i’ve been most enthusiastic.  when i think back on the people by whom i have been most influenced – writers, musicians and artists… i’ve done pretty well to have been in the same space with some of them and not ended up with restraining orders or psychological evaluations.

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i’ve been quiet

it has been a long time since my last post.  blogging has become more of a chore and an inconvenience of late, and i have to wonder why that is.  i can remember a time… heck, i can read about a time in this very same blog… when the thought of leaving blogging for something like social media and Facebook was so strange and distasteful, and now that the world is engulfed in the fires of social networking, it’s easy to see that blogging has become a second place communication platform for me.

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George Reeves as Superman

why i love Superman

I love Superman. I love the idea and the story of Superman. I don’t love Superman because he’s the strongest, most indestructable, fastest flying hero ever imagined since God… only self-absorbed douchebags love him for that reason. I love him for the weighty challenges that the idea of Superman creates and how those ideas relate to the human condition in a unique way. This post is another in the category of “no one should read this except for me”, but considering this month of June 2013 has seen Superman return to the movie theatres in Man of Steel, and marks the 75th anniversary of his first published appearance, now is pretty much the right time for me to pen these thoughts (for my own edification). Continue reading