cats ARE smarter than people

first cracker incident
second cracker incident
a movie memory that has always stuck with me was from jurassic park, when the gameskeeper (robert muldoon) tells dr. grant that the velociraptors are so exceptionally smart…

“They show extreme intelligence, problem solving intelligence.”

yeah – i can see how that would be impressive if you’ve never owned a cat before.

my apartment has these terrible cupboards that have been painted over about 28 times and so the magnetic latches don’t keep the cupboards closed. my orange cat, hans, managed to get into one and was rooting around and somehow, sampled a cracker. well, that is all it takes to set hans down a life-long path of agonized pursuit of something he should not have.

i put the box back in the cupboard with the open side against the back of the cupboard, thinking that would keep him from getting at them. the very next day i came home and found the saltines lying on the floor, the box savagely brutalized and defiled. so he recognized the box, that it was closed, and managed to pull it down and get at them anyway. two days later he repeated the same trick, except i had put the cracker box inbetween other boxes, making it hard even for ME to figure out which box had the crackers.

my cat has many special “abilities” that make him a candidate for the show “heroes“. he can leap up to doors that have handles instead of knobs and pull them open and there’s virtually no cupboard door that he can’t work open. he learned how to turn on the water in the bathroom sink in one apartment. he smooshes his head into plastic grocery bags until his head is through one of the handles and then “flies” around the apartment with his new “cape” (behaviour he obviously learned from his owner). and now there’s this whole cracker obsession thing. i think that he would be the feline equivalent of a university of waterloo engineer.

my other cat, gretel, gets by equally well on her looks alone, just demonstrating another instance of that sexist cliche in my mind.

– g

song of the day for thinking that your cat might actually be smarter than a human: start the commotion, the wiseguys