i wanna be daniel craig

mr. bond, i presume?i went to see “borat” this weekend (like everyone else in north america, it seems), and now, i know what i want to be when i grow up. i want to be daniel craig. there was a trailer for “casino royale” and even though i knew of mr. craig from such lamentable misses as “tomb raider” and the slightly more forgivable “layer cake”, i never realized that this was all that it took to become a sexy-figure.

i mean, just look at ‘im! he’s almost a full year older than i am, has even deeper eye-bags than i do, but he’s lean, and buff, and has a very similar skeletal structure and musculature as i do, so this should be a realizable goal for me! we both have fairly good shoulder-to-waist ratios, his legs aren’t as long as roger moore ‘s, and his body fat is way lower than connery’s… he’s not as nancy-boy as dalton or brosnan… muscle seems to aggregate in the same areas on him as they do on me when i am working out, so i’ve got a shot at making this a reality by new years!

there is however, the chillingly unique crystal blueness of his eyes that i have no hope of ever approximating. and i guess he’s english, so he’s got that accent that i can never hope to pull off with any kind of consistency or rigeur. and of course, he’s blonde. but all the muscly parts have become part of my new world order – i will become a hardbody like that! why shouldn’t i?! i’ve always said that a man’s best fashion asset is a good body. it’s time that i upgrade my appearance a little.

– g