i’ve been quiet

it has been a long time since my last post.  blogging has become more of a chore and an inconvenience of late, and i have to wonder why that is.  i can remember a time… heck, i can read about a time in this very same blog… when the thought of leaving blogging for something like social media and Facebook was so strange and distasteful, and now that the world is engulfed in the fires of social networking, it’s easy to see that blogging has become a second place communication platform for me.

social media makes the gratification of sharing thoughts so quick and easy.  in fact, even the itch of wanting to share a thought with the sociosphere is so easy to scratch that almost as soon as a thought is formed, it can be posted to a Facebook status, tweeted out in 140 characters or less, or as a last resort, tweeted to a friend around the globe.  there’s no need to nurture and foster a thought into something complex or sophisticated anymore – if you can’t get the thought out in a sardonic, highly-abbreviated sentence then it’s probably not a thought that anyone wants to consume.  there are online newspapers for that kind of content.

and blogging has changed too.  wordpress and other blogging tools make blogs incredible sources of information – like mini digital magazines.  but now we need to have beautiful rights-managed photography and professional diagrams accompanying our blog posts.  and SEO – don’t get me started on SEO.  there was a time when you could just blog shit and if people read it, they read it.  if they didn’t – well, if a tree falls in the forest – it’s sort of the same thing.  my point is that blogging is no longer just putting your thoughts in an online journal and saying your “Hail Mary”s.

anyway… i’ve had some time to grieve the loss of my two favourite felines.  there are still days when i can’t stop remembering them and feeling their absence.  but time has passed and i need to move on and focus on the world of the living.  my hopes for the upcoming near future are to focus on my various side projects and enthusiasms and to invest more time exploring and developing the things that interest me, like my equivalator and the potential for my wardrobulator, and of course, my love of data visualization and big data.  hopefully, more soon.

– g



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