limahl and longshot

man - in the 80's ANYONE could be a sex symbol!!!
best marvel comics EVER
limahl and gorgeous banaramamammas!

in the summer of 1985, i had to take physics 10 (first year high school physics) in summer school, because i had maxed out my course load during the regular year and i wanted to get all my sciences (biology, chemistry AND physics) in – and it was cheaper than summer camp.  i was so hermione granger back then.   in 1984, the movie, neverending story came out and i promptly disregarded it (and have not ever seen it since – since i had more important movies to watch like superman and star wars!), but the theme song was sung by a spiky-haired lad named limahl.  his song and everything by til tuesday were all i listened to throughout summer school. he changed everything in my world.

he had this “blue steel”, trash-bleach-blonde spiky hair mullet thing going on that was heretofore completely unseen and unknown in all of the history of man.  in fact, so inspiring was the limahl-look, that he spawned, single-headedly, the birth of my SECOND favourite comic book character of all time, longshot.  longshot was the coolest hero ever.  he came from another dimension where he was the preeminent entertainment star, but in retreating to our world, he lost all recollection of his former assholiness and was the perfect parsifal character – gallant, gullible and earnest to a fault.  his super power was that he could unintentionally bend probabilities to his favour in times of sincere need – a sort of super good luck power – but in whatever way he bent that probability to the favour of others, in some way or other, that deposed misfortune revisited him at some inconvenient time in the future!  it was a story-telling stroke of pure genius!

anyway, since reading that 6-part mini-series, all of my role-playing personas have been named longshot and i’ve never failed with him as my alter-ego.  he had a brief stint as an x-man, but longshot is best as a single romantic lead, swooping in to save raven-haired damsels in distress by absorbing their misfortunes into his own and suffering as a result.  god, i love that story!

the only reason that any of this came up today is that i was looking online for a video by sherry kean called “i want you back” from 1984 (totally failed to find the video), and i came upon a song with the same title by bananarama.  the blondie in bananarama’s video was so hottie, i googled her to see a better picture, and there was a photo from a recent thing where they were playing with limahl!!!  and there you have it!!! serendipity defined!!!

god damn, the 80’s were awesome!!

– g

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