man’s greatest achievement

my last terrible run my nike+ipod mod

some people think that the wheel, or the pythagorean theorum or the gas compressor are the greatest achievements of man. i believe that the nike+ipod podometer must take the crown.

music has always been a critical component to making 30minute+ runs bearable – otherwise, all we would have to listen to are the voices in our heads nattering on about some mundane thing or another, or work, or trying to solve the problems of the world. now, listening to music with my featherweight ipod nano can also record incredibly valuable historical information about my run – such as how far i’ve run, how fast i was running at a particular point in my run, and (approximately) how many calories i burned during my run (in case i am worried about offsetting the 1000 calorie burrito i had just eaten the day before).

i mean look at it… it even tells me when i stopped at the lights trying to cross lakeshore blvd!! i should have kept running around in circles to try and trick it out – but the nike+ipod is too smart for that!!!

the real problem that i had is getting into this was that i don’t like nike shoes. so i found this blog on how to “mod” your nike+ipod sensor to fit in non-nike+ shoes. being the redneck that i am, i opted for a solution that Red Green himself would have been right at home with – clear duct tape! i just taped that sucker to the tongue of my shoe under the laces – it’s fixed and waterproof and completely removable. total cost: $39 for the sensor – $1.29 for the duct tape – information about all of my subsequent runs – priceless!!

– g