why i love Superman

George Reeves as Superman

I love Superman. I love the idea and the story of Superman. I don’t love Superman because he’s the strongest, most indestructable, fastest flying hero ever imagined since God… only self-absorbed douchebags love him for that reason. I love him for the weighty challenges that the idea of Superman creates and how those ideas relate to the human condition in a unique way. This post is another in the category of “no one should read this except for me”, but considering this month of June 2013 has seen Superman return to the movie theatres in Man of Steel, and marks the 75th anniversary of his first published appearance, now is pretty much the right time for me to pen these thoughts (for my own edification). Continue reading “why i love Superman”

remembering gretel

Gretel under her red cape

first of all, this post is not intended to be read by anyone but myself, even though i’ve made it available to everyone on the internet. you may read it (or try to read it) if you like, but i expect that it will be too long and boring for anyone other than myself, or my darling girlfriend who has been an immeasurable comfort, to bother with. but for me, one week ago i had a seemingly happy, healthy, beautiful, elderly pet and very suddenly she is gone. i have so many thoughts about gretel pechtol that i want to remember when this week is past and this is eulogy, biography and catharsis all rolled into one. Continue reading “remembering gretel”

resurrecting my blog

since the explosion of the social networks, my blogging has taken a noticeable hit in performance.  over the past few years, i’ve been content to receive 20-40 visits per day to my blog from the inertia of organic search results provided by google (and other search engines, if those can be considered to be relevant), but recently, i’ve noticed that even those sources of traffic have started to fail.  it’s probably due to the fact that i have been averaging about three posts a year in the past three years.  to the search-engine-universe, my blog is probably considered to be abandoned and stale. Continue reading “resurrecting my blog”