resurrecting my blog

since the explosion of the social networks, my blogging has taken a noticeable hit in performance.  over the past few years, i’ve been content to receive 20-40 visits per day to my blog from the inertia of organic search results provided by google (and other search engines, if those can be considered to be relevant), but recently, i’ve noticed that even those sources of traffic have started to fail.  it’s probably due to the fact that i have been averaging about three posts a year in the past three years.  to the search-engine-universe, my blog is probably considered to be abandoned and stale.

i’ve considered the impact of social networking and microblogging here and here.  but those were in times when i was still fairly actively contributing to my blog.  over the past few years, i’ve demonstrated consistently that the effort required to sit and formulate a consistent thesis of a few hundred words has been too great.  and maybe that’s the nature of the internet – to offer great potential and promise but then to become commercialized and consumerized and ultimately to be broken down into 140-character-long bites that are then’d down to a dozen characters.  or perhaps the internet has simply become a curated collection of instagrams to be shared and liked and not to be expanded with exposition.  it seems that without this distillation of meaning into a stream of images, one could never possibly find the time to consume all of the sources of information that we want to consume on a daily basis.

well, i’ve been developing a lot of new interests recently, and i’ve begun working on a number of new projects.  my need to pursue those interests and projects will require context and support from the internet community, so i suppose that it’s with a sense of self-serving that i’m going to try and resurrect my personal blog to serve as the central hub to these endeavours.

i launched last year, but haven’t invested as much energy into that as i would have liked.  i’ll be working on resurrecting that blog as well.  and recently, i’ve launched a new web application that i’m very excited about, the… there will probably be a blog there soon enough!  and through all of that activity, there have been my normal observations and musings and outrages that i’ve been contemplating but simply not blogging about.  i’m definitely looking forward to getting back to that.

so … i’m relaunching the site on WordPress, with all of its gooey-ooey tools for offline content-creating, in-browser authoring, and general customizing-goodness to try and get myself back into the internet publishing swing.  come along if you like… for old time’s sake, or whenever you can.  i think that if the global economy doesn’t collapse first, 2013 will be a very productive and interesting year.

– g

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  1. Yay! Welcome back George and welcome to WordPress! You are going to love the authoring tools and all the great plugins. Let me know if you want to chat about the 50 Billion plugins that I researched over the last 6 months 😉

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