sea and the sun

queens quay terminal beach at kitsilano, vancouver
i know that lake ontario is nothing like a sea – but to a prairie boy like myself, for whom the only significant body of water was a shallow cesspool of a river running through the heart of my hometown – it’s pretty close.

i’ve been working out of the queens quay terminal building in toronto , and my area looks out over the lake. it’s been marvelous for me to be able to look out and see waves and ripples and ships – things that i’ve never really believed in growing up. the problem is that for as long as i can remember (a few weeks), it’s been miserably overcast in toronto . i can’t remember the last clear day here – and again, for a prairie boy like myself, coming from a place where the sky can fill your view with a blueness beyond compare, it’s been challenging living in the “big smoke”.

i think it was tuesday, and a bit of today, that i saw blue in the sky and the sun. i forgot how much i like the sun and how i’ve missed it. as we enter the winter months, there will be far less of it to enjoy – but then, i’m used to winters where you would get up, go to work, the sun would come up while you were busy in your cubicle staring at artificial light from a monitor, the sun would go down, and you would leave work in utter darkness. for five months.

the other thing the struck me about working near the lake is how comparable it is to being by the ocean. the second picture here is from a trip to vancouver , where i was near the ocean at kitsilano, an artsy, trendy vancouver yuppie-breeding area. i wanted to settle there, but a 500 sq ft. condo apartment would have set me back almost half a million dollars. bullshit.

the air may be cleaner and fresher there, but i don’t have no half a million dollars to buy a closet. toronto is not as bad as you all might think. (but it’s nowhere near as wonderful as victoria!)

– g