the funniest man ever – eddie izzard

last week, kerri at work sent out an email to our jokey mailing list for amusing subjects of a lego animated interpretation of the star wars universe. i didn’t watch it right away because i’m super-busy at work, but in a couple of days, i got around to watching it. it was… hands down… the funniest thing i had ever seen. so what do you do with funny crap that people send you by email? you send it to everyone’s email address in your contact list – that’s what!

i went out later to meet some friends and they were going on and on about all of the other funny bits that the author of the skit had done! eddie izzard, a self-proclaimed “executive transvestite”, has the best comedy bits i’ve ever seen – touching on all the great subjects like religion, multiculturalism, psychology, greek tragedy, american blockbusters and of course, cats. i spent most of my free time on the weekend watching eddie izzard sketches on youtube, and here are some of my favourites.

death star canteen brought to you by lego (the original hit that got me hooked)

eddie izzard – pavlov’s cat – clearly showing eddie’s recognition that cats are crazier than dogs

and the coup de grace – eddie doing Christopher Walken doing Shakespeare!!! (almost all of my favourite things in one sketch – this is absolute gold!!!)


go and seek them out – watch them all – tell your friends and family that they won’t see you for days on end, because you’ll be watching eddie izzard clips over and over and over again because they are bloody hilarious!

– g