welcome back

there comes a time in every blogger's life when he or she realizes that he or she cannot single-handedly populate the interweb with content. that is why the internet gods created things like youtube and wikipedia to fill in the missing blanks where bloggers have either (a) too much work to do (2) too many cats climbing all over them in every single blessed freaking waking moment of his or her ever-loving lives to spend even 10 seconds at the keyboard without someone trying to paw out an order for delivery black forest ham on the keyboard or to scratch your forearm.

sigh. anyway – here are the best things that i've ever seen on the internet today (with thanks to all of the people from whom i stole all of these fantabulous links):

  1. an online debate on the qualitative issues surrounding dating in the city… incomparably frank and sadly, brutally illustrative of what is wrong with dating expectations these days (click here to eavesdrop);
  2. if i liked country music, junior brown would be my favouite artist. not only has he recoreded tracks for such mega-stars as spongebob squarepants, but his awesome combination electric-slide guitar is a beauty and he's an incomparable master with it;
  3. finally, i've discovered a new religion – the church of the technoviking. when i saw this, i realized that my purpose in life was to spread the word of technoviking so that all the world could be remade in his image. all heil the technoviking!!!
  4. this is a postscript to my original post. i went to my friend dar's website, and somehow, i failed to notice this… it's a "translation" of a bollywood music video that is utterly hilarious!!! i only feel comfortable posting this because i love bollywood videos, but felt alienated because i couldn't sing along… now we all can!!!

– g