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so, i've been admonished this week for not keeping up with the blogging, and i suppose i've been a little remiss in my duties. but i have an excuse (well, there's a reason – maybe it's better put that way). i've rekindled my love of video games. since i was a small boy, racking up huge charges on my parent's visa, playing online text adventure games on compuserve, i've loved to immerse myself in coherent alternate universes where my altruism and problem solving abilities are always welcome.

i rented a couple of games for my xbox a couple of weeks ago, including forza motorsports 2, and i got all hooked again on the escape of HD graphics and immersive sound effects. the "next big thing" though is halo 3. i've been playing bungie games since pathways into darkness, an early first-person shooter that would be the precursor to marathon, which would be the foundation for the halo trilogy, which pulled in $125 million in sales the first day that the second game was released. i haven't quite finished halo 2 yet, but i'm working on it to practice up for halo 3's launch this month.

so that's what i've been doing all this time that i've not been blogging. however, loving one's creature-comfort-consumer-electronics can be a little lonely. today, i was feeling a little stretched thin, so i bought some flowers to cheer myself up – you know, just to remind myself that everyday can have beauty in it. i got them home and put them in water, and immediately remembered why i can never buy myself flowers. the babies were right in there drinking the flower-water and making me fear that they will pull the vase over and smash it on the floor. i've got the flowers now on top of a high shelf where they cannot be seen or destroyed, but they can still be smelled.

ah, the endless joys of parenthood.

– g

song of the day for crawling into your own shell: oh my god, the police