where in the world is george pechtol?

sorry to all of you who have come to believe that i have abandoned my umbilical-like connection to the interwebs. i know that i have been neglecting my blogging commitments, and for that i apologize. hopefully, you have all come to love google reader like i have, allowing it to let you know when the objects of your affection have both the time and inclination to share their thoughts and musings with you.

before i left for my vacation in april, i had to cram in as much development effort as i could to get things ready for my absence. while i was on vacation, i made a conscious effort to enjoy my time off and rejected any notion of obligation to inform you all of what i was experiencing, thinking that it would make great reading after-the-fact. since i have returned, i have been cramming all of my duties into the all-too-tiny 24-hour time frame with which all of us mere mortals are forced to contend. as my current project approaches code-completeness, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and an opportunity to report on the past month's experiences. i already have reams and reams of stuff to share with you – like chocolate-flavoured beer, why life is better closer to an oceanic body of water, and extremely-recent emotional disturbance. since we have a long weekend coming upon us here in canada, i will try and get out a post per day (or so!) to get you caught up on where i am nowadays.

special gratitude goes out to everyone gracious enough to make my last trip out west the most enjoyable experience of my young life. you know who you are because i slept on your couches or your spare rooms and drank your chocolate-flavoured porter! i love you (chocolate-flavoured porter)!!!

– g

song of the day for needing more time: time, sarah mclachlan.