yoga for dummies

pure and simple yogaa friend of mine (who coincidentally is also a yoga instructor) suggested that i take up ashtanga yoga. so today, i went to lululemon to get dvd that would introduce me to the world of yoga. all of the ashtanga videos had inhuman contortionists on the cover doing things with their extremeties that i had no idea were possible, given the supposed rigidity of skeletal fibres.

what i got instead, with the assistance of the well-programmed lulu staff, was an introductory dvd that had some basic positions with varied levels of difficulty (for starters like myself who are made of steel-carbon fibre rather than malleable cartlidge and ligaments) and a lot of information about proper breathing and alignment. maybe tomorrow or this weekend, i will pull on my sweats and actually work through the 40 or 50 minute workout. the breathing exercises that i watched and breathed along with (because my back hurts too much now to assume a meaningful lotus position) were fantastic and will probably help me to sleep when i awake a 3 in the morning with what i have come to term the “oh my god, it’s 3am and i’m all alone”-chinese-hell-for-romantics.

anyway, i’m looking forward to playing with this for a while. i think that everyone can use a little time to themselves to focus on their wellness and peace. heaven knows that i need to focus on that for a while now. i’ll let you all know how it goes.

– g